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BettingTracker is the most complete tool, the easiest to use, and the most accurate on the market.
                A precursor in Bankroll Management tools, BettingTracker, developed by a team of specialists, is constantly enriched with new features.
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A clean, comprehensive and highly detailed interface with an improved user experience

Overall view of your results: Impressive figures, stats by sports, bankrolls, bookmakers, etc ...

A complete calendar with automated results of your bets thanks to our extensive database

Statistics always more precise: by sport, competition, team, type of paris

Follow live results for your favorite sports

Simplified betting

Make your bets fast thanks to our comprehensive database.

Extended database

More than 15000 teams and players, 5000 competitions in more than 36 sports.

Calendar of matches

Find all the events of the day in your favorite sport. Easily add an event to your betting list.


Find live scores as well as statistics, game facts, lineups, comments of the events of the day and past.

Share your bankroll

You can give access to your friends, to your fans, to certain information of your bankroll.

Qualified customer service

Contact our customer service via chat or email. We will be happy to answer you quickly.


Find your filtered statistics formatted by tables and charts.

Detailed statistics

Access advanced and filtered statistics by type of bet, type of event, sport, competition and even by team !

Customizing your account

Set up your account to look like you with your photos, sports list, and even more.

Automatic update of the results of your bets

Your bets are automatically updated according to the result of the linked event.

Export your data

You can easily export the list of all your bets in csv format to keep track of them locally.

Multi-currency and multilingual management

Our tool supports multiple languages and can automatically convert your earnings in the currency of your choice.

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